Beyond Cash: A Comprehensive Guide to Credit Cards

Olivia Barredo
May 18, 2023

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For first-time cardholders and young professionals who have just experienced what it's like to have financial power, getting a credit card can be quite the daunting next step forward. Credit cards might seem like mysterious pieces of plastic with the power to make wishes come true, but we’re here to explain the benefits and provide examples for the kind of benefits these financial superheroes can provide your lifestyle. Because let’s face it, credit cards can help you improve your lifestyle, and if you’re responsible with your money, then an entirely new world will be unlocked and accessible to you. 

Join us as we embark on this journey into the world of credit! 


Why is it a Good Idea to Get a Credit Card?

Getting a credit card as a young professional can be a smart move, especially if you’re confident with how you manage your money. Credit cards are a fantastic way to start building your credit history, which will come in handy when you’re ready to make bigger financial moves down the road. Additionally, credit cards are a wonderful safety net to cover emergency expenses–from hospital bills, laptops that crash all of a sudden, or even car malfunctions. 

Moreover, online shopping and traveling become significantly easier to do with a credit card, especially considering that you get perks and other rewards from shopping and dining in restaurants. 

But remember: the only way for a credit card to continuously be your financial sidekick, you have to be responsible with your finances and financial decisions! Pay off your balances on time, keeping tabs on your spending–these are things that are imperative when having a credit card, and with these things in mind, your life will be transformed in no time!


5 Best Credit Card Recommendations for Yuppies


RCBC Flex Visa

You’re a new member of the workforce and you can proudly say that you’ve stuck the landing on your new job and finally have a stable monthly income. The RCBC Flex Visa is considered one of the top credit cards for young professionals, considering their relatively low monthly income minimum requirement. 

With the RCBC Flex Visa, you can enjoy RCBC credit card promos throughout the year, ensuring that you can make the most out of your purchases! Plus, every Php50 spent gains you 1 reward point, with the added perk of double points on your two preferred spending categories, whether it be dining, clothing, travel, or transportation. 

With a competitive 3% interest rate, the RCBC Flex Visa Credit Card offers a range of features tailored to young professionals in the early stages of their careers!


HSBC Gold Visa Cash back

With a minimum monthly income requirement of just Php 16,667, the HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back credit card is a viable option for young professionals, especially those who are frequently on the go! Save more when fueling up with its 3% rebates all year round when you fuel up from Caltex, and earn a 0.5% cash back on all your other spending. Take advantage of their 0% interest installments for up to 36 months at participating merchants, and keep your finances in check with its 3% interest rate! 


Citi Simplicity+ Card

Known to be one of the easiest credit cards to apply to, the Citi Simplicity+ Card is, what could possibly be, the best option most especially for those whose working career has just begun! With its no annual fees and no extra fees for overlimit and late payments, the Citiy Simplicity+ Card is also a viable option for young adults looking to upgrade their lifestyle a little. It’s minimum monthly income requirement is only 15,000 for existing cardholders and 20,833 for first-time cardholders, and has a competitive interest rate of 3%. Enjoy rewards such as gaining reward points every Php30 you spend, and triple those reward points every time you shop and dine!


UnionBank Lazada Credit Card

For the frequent online shoppers who live by the “budol is life” mantra, the UnionBank Lazada Credit Card might be the card that will suit your lifestyle best! Enjoy the many rewards the card has to offer, much like the many discounts from select Lazada merchants, as well as the 6x credit increase for every Php200 spent on Lazada purchases. Moreover, the card also comes with free shipping vouchers up to Php50, and Php500 discount vouchers for 5 Lazada sales throughout the year. The minimum monthly income requirement is Php30,000, and has a competitive interest rate of 3%! Their annual fee, however, is a little pricier than most sitting at Php3,000 per year (although the first year is free), but with the amount of benefits and rewards that come with the card, the fee is surely worth it.


Security Bank Next Mastercard

For young professionals with higher incomes, you may want to consider opting for Security Bank’s Next Mastercard. Not only is it accepted worldwide, but the card also has access to all Security Bank credit card promos. Purchases above Php5,000 automatically get converted into installments up to 3, 6, or 12 months, and the card comes with no annual fees forever! Although these perks sound cool, their minimum monthly income requirement is considerably higher than the others, resting at Php45,000 for existing card holders, and Php50,000 for first-time card holders! 


Having a credit card isn’t such an intimidating step forward as long as you’re confident in the kind of financial decisions you make! Being responsible about your payments and keeping track of your money is always a good practice to employ, and with these in mind, managing and keeping track of a credit card will come very easily to you!