Dressing for Success: Business Attire Essentials for Professionals

Olivia Barredo
April 18, 2023

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In the corporate world, dressing for success can make all the difference. Other than communicating a level of professionalism and competence, wearing business attire gives you  the confidence you need and can positively impact both your performance and your interactions with colleagues and clients. The best part? There’s no need to have anything flashy or too bright, but a simple blue, black, or white blazer can easily do the trick. But what are some essential corporate attire pieces? Versatile pieces are your best bet–clothes that can work with almost any outfit.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of versatile and easy to style business attire outfits for both men and women to ultimately help you be the best young professional you could be!



Extra Slim Fit Suit Blazer from Wharton - Php 3,999


You like your classics, but you’re looking for something with a little more pop of color. A classic, single-breasted blazer in a vivid blue could be what you’re looking for. Made with polyester, rayon blend fabric, and a bit of stretch, the blazer offers wearers easy and comfortable movement despite the slim-fit. Additionally, pockets on the chest, on the lapel flaps, and inside the blazer itself also make for effortless convenience. Whether paired with matching blue pants or your favorite khakis, the Slim Fit Suit Blazer from Wharton is an obvious essential for any business attire outfit for men!

To see more about the Wharton Blazer, check out our link here: https://invle.co/clhzcdi 

Single Button Striped Suit Jacket - Php 1,469 


Who says a simple black striped suit jacket can’t look stylish? Channel your inner Gomez Addams and don a look that continuously remains stylish, tasteful, and iconic. The striped suit jacket sports a single-buttoned lapel neckline and is made out of a polyester blend that makes it easy and perfect for machine or hand washing. Also having a regular fit shape, the jacket offers nothing less than comfort that perfectly hugs your figure without it being too tight. 

For more information about the Single Button Striped Suit Jacket from Zalora Basics, check out the link here: https://invle.co/clhzcdd

Faux Leather Formal Slip On Shoe - Php 1,799 

You’ve got a big meeting, and you’re trying to impress. What do you wear? Your Faux Leather Slip Ons! Being the perfect blend of style and comfort, the outer faux leather material and PU lining inside makes it easy for wearers to feel relaxed, especially considering their cushioned footpad. Its square toe design has never gone out of style, and have consistently remained in-fashion for decades. Available in either black or brown, the Faux Leather Slip Ons were designed for nothing less than versatility to fit any possible outfit in your wardrobe, whether it be for formal and semi-formal occasions. 

For more information about Dr. Cardin’s Faux Leather Formal Slip-On Shoe, check out our link here: https://invle.co/clhzcdp



Blazer Jacket by Trendyol - Php 3,569 

This solid shade double-breasted blazer is a must have for your business attire needs. Its collar neckline and regular fit makes the whole fare both stylish and comfortable regardless of body type! Made from a polyblend material, the blazer is both durable and lightweight–designed especially for all day wear as it is both durable and lightweight. While they have classic colors like beige, navy, black, and grey, other colors like orange, brown, pink, and red are up for the choosing for something more bright, colorful, and vibrant. 

Read more about the Relaxed Fit Blazer here: https://invle.co/clhzce0

Oversize Blazer Jacket by Trendyol - Php 3,489 

Want something that will surely make a statement without sacrificing your comfort? Trendyol’s Oversize Blazer Jacket offers nothing less than the best of both worlds. With notch lapel neckline and relaxed fit, this blazer is lined for added comfort, with button fastening that ensures a secure fit. Made also with a polyblend material, the blazer can surely be worn for long periods of time without feeling stuffy. Whether you’re dressed for all-day meetings and nerve wracking presentations or for a casual night out after work, the Oversize Blazer Jacket will without a doubt become a wardrobe favorite in no time.

Check out some more details about Trendyol’s Oversize Jacket here: https://invle.co/clhzceb

Pointed Faux Patent Block Heels Shoes by Twenty Eight Shoes - Php 3,359 


A classic headturner that comes in different colors, the Pointed Faux Patent Block Heels Shoes by Twenty Eight Shoes are a classic head turner that without a doubt evokes girl boss vibes, especially with its 6cm heel height. Featuring a faux patent leather upper and microfiber leather inner, these shoes not only look stylish, but feel comfortable to wear too. The high abrasion natural rubber outsole ensures durability, making it perfect for everyday wear.

For more information about these shoes, check it out here: https://invle.co/clhzcei

Waterproof Travel Business Backpack by AOKING - Php 4,650


Aside from having trendy outfits, a good multifunctional work bag is the only thing you need left to complete your corporate look regardless of where you are. Aside from having a computer protection compartment that can hold a 15.6-inch laptop, its USB charging socket makes it absolutely perfect for those who need to work or charge any devices either during the commute or perhaps even during a business trip!

To see more details about this bag, check it out on our link here:  https://invle.co/clhzcf5

Dressing for success is more than just putting on clothes - its all about presenting yourself in the best possible light. Whether it be for a new job interview or the presentation of your life, choosing business attire essentials that make you feel confident in yourself and your capabilities, you’ll surely be setting yourself up for success no matter what you put your mind to!