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MicroSLT Inc. is a recognized corporation that aims to revolutionize social media networking through developing simple yet relevant and practical applications. We engage in the business of information and communication technology, focusing on software development, knowledge-based support. With the fast-growing mobile technology industry and more than 3 billion active social media users who undeniably love taking selfies, we've developed an app that will revolutionize the social media platform—EyesUP. EyesUP reinvents social networking and messaging by giving users a straightforward mobile social networking experience. EyesUP sees the need for an alternative as the experience is continuously getting complicated for users. More and more features and functionalities are being released consistently without ensuring if they can all be beneficial to the users. Thus, EyesUP commits to developing only those features that will satisfy their needs. Our goal is to simplify the idea of 'creating moments and connecting to others'​, and we will make that happen through EyesUP.