8 Watches for 8 Types of Young Professionals

Olivia Barredo
May 10, 2023

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With all the things that need to be accomplished everyday, keeping track of time can get a little difficult. Having a watch has been a functional and stylish accessory for over centuries, and still remains to be one of the most functional items anyone could ever have. History has shown us how the watch has evolved to fit the needs of the people, and watch designs continue to evolve as lifestyles change. Here, we've made a list of some of the best and affordable watches for 8 different types of young professionals in the hopes of helping you get back on track with your dailies.


8 Watches for 8 Types of Young Professionals


WISHDOIT Waterproof Watch - Php 895

You’re a multitasker. You just can’t seem to get things done one at a time, and you find yourself being more productive when you’re tracking more than 1 thing at once. You have tasks to do, things to accomplish, and WISHDOIT's waterproof watch might just be your next best friend–its compact design contains multiple little faces to help you truly keep track of your day, from days of the week and moon phases. 

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WISHDOIT x ZUNPAI Women’s Watch - Php 595

No need for flashiness or anything crazy, you’re pretty happy with classic looks. After all, they’re classic for a reason, right? You’re more than happy with elegance in simplicity, and WISHDOIT’s collaboration with ZUNPAI has made the perfect collection for you. Stripped from all the faff from other bulkier and busier designs, these watches make for an excellent functional accessory meant for the every day. 

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WISHDOIT X ZUNPAI Stainless Steel Watch - Php 725

Grace under pressure is one way to describe you, and you’re confident in yourself and your girlboss nature. You don’t need any bulky designs and all the extra stuff. A simple, compact, yet firm ZUNPAI watch is all you need to help you get through the day. Made out of stainless steel, the watch was especially designed for everyday use, and can match any outfit of your choosing from casual grocery runs to large-scale work events. 

For more information about the watch, click here: https://invl.io/clibmg6


OLEVS Quartz Stainless Steel Watch - Php 799

You, too, like the classic look, but wouldn’t mind the flashiness every once in a while. Glam is what you’re after, and although your personality is nowhere near as loud as others, you still do leave quite the impression among others. A perfect balance of classic and glamorous, Olevs’ Stainless Steel watch sports a rhombic watch glass that will surely catch people’s eye as it shines from quite literally every possible angle. The stainless steel material is durable and ensures long-lasting durability, and its glow in the dark numbers is a charming detail that allows the watch to shine even in the dark.

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OPPO Band 2 - Php 3,999

You’re an all-around type of person–you have your 9-5 job during the day that you do quite well, and you hit the gym after work for a bit just enough to keep yourself active. You like routines and staying organized and are output and results-based. OPPO’s Band 2 is everything you need to help you stay on top of everything in your life–from work to fitness to even your own personal wellbeing. Aside from being your normal watch, it shows you all the information you need, from your running pace to even the amount of hours you’ve spent sleeping. Need a reminder to hydrate? OPPO’s Band 2 will keep you in tiptop shape throughout the week, no problem.

For more information about the watch, click here: https://invl.io/clibmgj


Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 3 - Php 1,850

You’re as busy as busy gets. You have things to do, places to be, and rarely do you ever find yourself having a day consisting of doing nothing. Being productive keeps you going, and you want to bring that energy everywhere you go. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch would be nothing less than a perfect choice for the yuppie-on-the go. Answer calls from your watch and check your notifications as it synchronizes with your phone, so you never miss any updates and constantly stay on top of your work. 

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OPK Luminous Waterproof Watch - Php 450

You like to go with the flow. Conflict is not in your agenda, and you try to adjust your personality depending on who’s around you. Everyone likes you, and you do what you can to keep the peace. OPK’s Luminous Waterproof watch is a perfect embodiment of the generally well-liked kinda guy, having a very simple yet charming design that can pretty much match any kind of outfit, whether it be casual or formal. It illuminates in the dark and is water resistant up to 30-50m, perfect for everyday use.

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Huawei Honor Band 6 - Php 2,749

Athletic, sporty, active, you name it. You enjoy biking on the weekends and you tend to hit the gym before getting to work in the morning. Protein shakes? Totally your thing. Walking 10k steps in the evenings is your way of relaxing and clearing your mind. Huawei’s Honor Band 6 could very well just be the perfect company for your fitness goals. Not only does it monitor your fitness, it’s sleek and lightweight design paired with its long-lasting battery life makes it the perfect option for your weekend activities–hiking, off-road biking, the works!

For more information about the product, check it out here: https://invl.io/clibmh0