Budding Mompreneurs: Starting Online Businesses

Olivia Barredo
May 12, 2023

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As you might already know, many businesses have taken to the digital world as companies see the value of having an online presence. It helps them engage more with their customers like never before and remain relevant in the ever competitive world of the business industry. The rise of the internet has led to major changes in how customers buy their products, as they can just look up what they want and order goodies online. This especially comes to the forefront when we think of how the pandemic has changed our lives in the past few years. Online businesses have skyrocketed as many businesses adapted to the new “normal”. 

While the world is slowly going back to how they were pre-pandemic, online businesses still thrive today, as entrepreneurs are able to connect and market their goods and services to a very large audience. That is the part where you come in. You must be wondering how to generally start an online business. While there are no concrete answers on how you can engage with your demographic, some of the best ways to get the ball rolling is making your own niche that makes you stand out. Here you will find a bunch of online business ideas that you might like as a basis while you add your own flair to the business opportunity.


Why Start an Online Business?

The conceptualization of your online business should always stand on the foundation of why you started your business. Many entrepreneurs have different reasons for why they started their businesses. Some of the reasons many people start online businesses are that they are passionate about what they are making and selling to the audience. It is a great way for you to throw yourself into something that you like doing while earning money from it. That is what we hope to inspire you with as you find hobbies that you already enjoy and spread your skills to other people. You can enjoy making something and other people can enjoy what you do, a win-win situation all around. 

While the motivation for you to start an online business is there, there is the matter of how to actually start an online business. Luckily for you, starting an online business has plenty of advantages that other brick and mortar businesses do not necessarily have. For one, it does not require a ton of investment, small businesses like yours would not need to buy a storefront or a place for storage, the most you would need is domain name, business name, logos, designs, and website. Speaking of websites, working on the internet has its advantages too, you can connect with your customers like never before! Getting your business out is more accessible than ever with the use of things like social media, you can also try to invest in advertisements, like having search engine prioritization to have your products be the first to show in a web search. There are so many more perks to starting an online business, but we would be here all day if we tried. These are just some of the perks that you can experience opening your online business, they can build the foundation of your business endeavors and help you fine-tune your business.


Online Business Ideas

Now that you know why you should start a business, the question still stands on what business can you do? There are plenty of options to choose from, so we have narrowed it down to something that you can achieve at home while also being a demand for many customers. These are some of the online business ideas that you can consider investing in.



Do you have a skill that you are proud of? One that had taken years of dedication and study to really master? Do you remember how you had to spend a lot of time learning and working on those skills in your free time because of the sheer passion for it? If you do have that type of skill, you should definitely look into being an instructor or tutor for that skill or hobby. This is indeed vague, but this is more of a personal recommendation. 

Let us say you know how to play an instrument. There are plenty of eager students looking to be taught how to play. What better way of showing your love for music than by instilling lessons to your students? You can be a language teacher if you find that you are multilingual, which can not only help younger people, but even help foreigners learn the language if they have moved to the country! 

That is not all either. There are so many directions that you can take your tutelage to, whether it is educational or skillful, you can teach them to others. You pretty much just need an internet connection to meet with your students and you're good to go!


Apparel and accessories

Apparel and accessories is also a great idea as the business model for the business is pretty much up to you! You can brand your business as being a retailer, reseller, niche clothing, or even home-made original clothing! Whichever the case, customers are always looking for something to wear. Ranging from the latest trends to the unique designs, and this is a market you can certainly tap into.

This type of business is flexible, as you can choose what type of clothing you can sell. If you are looking more on selling branded clothes, you can advertise your business as a retail clothing store. Customers are always looking for convenience, where they can find a solution and get it quickly. The online clothing sector is expected to grow 16 times faster than clothing retail stores because of how convenient it is, so this is certainly an option you can look into.

You can also look into making original designs if you can make them yourself. This business model is also great if you can craft simple yet pleasing designs that you know people will love! If anything, you can create your own niche that is unique to your business alone. If you have a design in mind, you can definitely expand on it and really market it to make your brand stand out. Alternatively, you can also consider commissions where customers can contact you for specific requests. This can range from resewing designs, alterations to outfits, and even original something brand new! 


Handcrafted Goods

This is where you can also flex your mastery of your craft as you are able to have your hobby and turn in the results for a profit. This is where online businesses are able to demonstrate how fruitful they are as anyone can be an entrepreneur on the internet. One of the most appealing things about online businesses is that you can reach so many people at once and depending on the budget and location, you can deliver products internationally. 

Handcrafted goods are a great way to have your goods appraised and earn a bit of money on the side. You can create many DIY products at home with minimal investments, the most you will need will focus mostly on the materials and tools required to make your goods. Take for example, you can create your own line of handcrafted jewelry. You can market your business to focus on a specific type of jewelry, whether it be more bridal, vintage, or punk. You can consider homemade scented candles that are relatively easy to make and are cost efficient, also people love them! Another recommendation would be to try out making your own essential oils where you can mix your own bottles and package them in your own branding!



Bottom line, starting your own online business can be quite lucrative if you have the skills and passion for your products. It is ultimately up to you on how you can tackle the market. These are just some of the ways you can tackle the markets, but it is ultimately up to you on what you will produce and sell. Think of these recommendations as not only suggestions but as a groundwork for what can be possible. You can use these recommendations as they are or use them as an inspiration for what else you can do in your homes. With that being said we hope that by reading this you will get that creative spark to get that business up and running!